Make the most of our expert database services:

  • Free, no-obligation database health check
  • Client database-tailored services
  • Cloud database management
  • One-off services with adequate transition/training/support
  • Reliable, affordable and expert database services
  • 24x7x365 database support and management
  • Migration services – cloud/on-premise
  • Database discovery and health checks
  • Database performance tuning and optimisation
  • Flexible database solution tailored to meet every business budget

Who we are, What we do

Toplead Consulting is a database management house that provides efficient, reliable, cost-effective remote and on-site maintenance of your database environment.

Toplead Consulting provides remote SQL Server database, Oracle database and MySQL Database administration, integration, development, reporting and pre-arranged on-site consulting services for the leading traditional and cutting edge database technologies, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Year on year, businesses are faced with the ever increasing cost of maintaining their growing database environment, combined with the cost of employing dedicated database administrators in a small to medium business. The Toplead database team is here to offer your business a tailored cost saving solution, providing reliable, expert technical consulting services in data management that will drive efficiency and effectiveness within your database infrastructure.

Our technical know-how cuts across single mission critical application server to complex infrastructure comprising of multiple servers across multiple data centres on-premise or cloud.

In recent times, every cutting-edge company requires a solid presence in the cloud; it may be a full-fledged cloud service or a hybrid on-premise and cloud service. Our cloud consulting services provide you with an efficient way to manage SQL databases in the cloud including configuration, optimisation, availability, monitoring, analysis automation and performance.

Toplead Consulting, can provide your business with a planned, hassle free and controlled database migration to cloud. Delivering to your business the latest insights into the recent techniques and technologies in Azure and AWS cloud deployments. Our aim is to achieve efficiency and effectiveness of database management within your budget.

Our service plans

One-Off Project
or Services

Our services are affordable, tailored, flexible and reliable for all businesses. No business is too large or small.

Database Optimization & Tuning

Delivering continuous excellent database performance with speed and efficiency.

Database Management & Administration

Our proactive experts and professionals take the pressure off you. We provide excellent management and dynamic administration which allow you to focus on business growth.

Database Management & Monitoring

A sound monitoring strategy. Delivering excellent performance tracking and regular availability that meets end users business demands.