Disaster Recovery

We provide your business with a disaster recovery that protects your database solution against failure by using industry leading technology to create an environment that is tailored to your business needs.

Many business are oftentimes not proactive at verifying and updating their backup and recovery polices due to the ever increasing IT complexity, constant updates and normal business activities.

The cost of which could have a detrimental effect on businesses in the long term.

We are able to provide you with a proactive, timely, unique backup and disaster recovery plan and solution that gives you peace of mind with regular review of the policies in place.

High Availability

When Recovery Time Objective (RTO) cost is critial, we would recommemd that your business invest in a robost, ‘High Availability’ solution.

To avoid unnecessary downtime when Recovery Time Objective (RTO) cost is of the essence, it is imperative to design a robust and reliable high availability solution.

Our excellent technical team is able to design a “High Availability”system and solution that best suits your business strategy.

Our service plans

One-Off Project
or Services

Our services are affordable, tailored, flexible and reliable for all businesses. No business is too large or small.

Database Optimization & Tuning

Delivering continuous excellent database performance with speed and efficiency.

Database Management & Administration

Our proactive experts and professionals take the pressure off you. We provide excellent management and dynamic administration which allow you to focus on business growth.

Database Management & Monitoring

A sound monitoring strategy. Delivering excellent performance tracking and regular availability that meets end users business demands.